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Dr. Molly is fantastic. She is highly professional and skilled and enthusiastic about her patients recovery and health. I have seen other chiropractors over the years and she is by far the best in every capacity. I have been primarily a runner over the years, but also have included many other sports which has lead to injuries over the years. In 2004 I severely sprained an ankle and then a few years later injured my foot; I couldn't run or even walk for very long as the injuries affected my knees and back. I went to a large, well known Orthopedic group in town and was told to 'You just need to accept that you can't run again.' and dismissed. I saw a well known knee specialist who wanted to do surgery. Fortunately, in 2011, I found Dr. Molly (as my old chiropractor was moving) and from the first visit I was so impressed with her pragmatic yet hopeful attitude for my recovery. Her work with ART ( active release therapy ) on my scar tissues was unbelievable. I had not heard of this before from any of the many Doctors I had tried to seek help from for the pain and lack of mobility. She also showed me exercises and took the time to email me instructions to practice them at home.
I started running again (slowly) and was able to run a 1/2 Marathon in 2014 and will again next week in 2015. I never thought I could not only running but be pain free. Active Chiropractic is a warm and welcoming office and staff. I have recommended this practice to several friends who had never tried chiropractic and now are able to be active again. Giving such a glowing review is easy when you feel good again finally.

-Kristin C.

I suddenly starting get bad migraines at the age of 46. I had never experienced anything like this before and it has been really debilitating for me. The back of my head, neck & shoulders were extremely stiff and sore. I had several friends highly recommend Dr. Molly and I'm so glad I listened and gave it a try! I felt that she really took the time to listen to me and understood what my body was going through. I was excited and hopeful about our plan to get me back on track and feeling better. I could honestly tell a difference after the first session!
Dr. Molly is amazing, very personable and really helps you understand what's going on with your body and what will help get it back in sync. I have also had great massages from Jennifer and Stephanie and do love the roller table with the ice packs at the end of each session. They also file insurance claims for your chiropractic services which is awesome! Now, I also highly recommend Dr. Molly & Active Chiropractic, it truly is the place to go to feel better!  

-Leslie H.


Wow. Just wow. I agree with all of what the past reviewers have to say. It is not hyperbole. Working with Dr. Jenni has probably been the most positive and pleasurable experience with the medical world in my entire life. I was is so much pain I was barely sleeping at night even with Acet or Ibuprofen. In less than 2 months, with Dr. Jenni's help and following her advice, I not only feel healed, I feel 10 years younger. And the entire staff is super friendly and competent. I am so grateful for Active Chiropractic.

-Reed A.
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After 12yrs in clinical practice, Dr. Molly Hall is hands down my favorite Chiropractor I have ever worked with. Not only is she an incredible practitioner, she is always PRESENT, her staff is gracious and professional, and her clinic space is a breath of fresh air! Because she practices ART (Active Release Technique), and NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) I find that she has more tools than the average Chiropractor. She is my go to for personal injuries, and general body/joint upkeep, and she is my #1 referral for all of my patients as well.

-Meaghan D.
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Dr. Molly really knows the body and how to help you. She will not only help straighten you out but also give you exercises or stretches to do at home to maintain her work. Been a happy client for more than 7 years!

-Kari B.
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I have been to many different practitioners over the years for chronic pain in my left shoulder, but Active Chiro is getting me on the right track! Dr. Molly and Dr. Jenni are great, and I have found that combining the chiro/ART with acupuncture at Active Chiro with Stephanie Vanover has been life changing so far!

-Angela H.
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I have been seeing Dr. Hall since I moved to Raleigh in 2007. She cares about people and will give you homework (exercises) because she wants you to get better. Wish I didn't have to share her.

-Kristin L.
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Recently, I had an acupuncture appointment. I arrived with a horrible sinus headache. Stephanie assessed my issues & I left with NO headache! She takes great care of her clients. She is the best! THANK YOU Stephanie!!

-M.G. Rodgers

After suffering from sciatica for over two years following a spinal fusion, and seeing many different professionals, with no relief, a friend recommended Dr. Molly. Molly is the first person to actually listen to me and immediately start working on a solution to ease my pain. I am feeling better than I have felt in years. I am able to bound up and down stairs, keep up with my grandchildren, and I am starting back walking several miles per day with no pain. Molly and her staff are so caring and friendly. They all go out of their way to accommodate your schedule and make you feel comfortable. Molly will not only heal your body, she will heal your soul. I highly recommend Active Chiropractic. I finally have my quality of life back thanks to their awesome care.  

-Whitney A.

Dr. Jenni is truly a miracle worker! I had a debilitating sciatica flare up that was making it hard to even breathe. With 3 small kids I don't have time to deal with an injury like this. I called Active and was seen by Dr. Jenni a couple hours later. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was very nervous about seeing a "back cracker." Dr. Jenni could not have been more gentle, understanding or compassionate. She really listened not only to my pain but my lifestyle as well and helped me develop a plan that worked right for me. She is very personable and was always happy to see me and smiling. I had other issues come up during my treatment with Dr. Jenni that she also fixed and she never once pushed me to have my back cracked as I told her I wasn't comfortable with it. Call her. Right now. You won't regret it!  

-Annie M.

Ok, for starters, Dr. Molly is awesome. She's obviously a great chiropractor, but she also practices Active Release Technique (ART) and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) - important for getting mis-behaving muscles back in working order. She's helped my dysfunctions improve dramatically, and has also helped my wife. I would recommend her without a moment's hesitation.But the kicker is the customer service there! Her entire staff is awesome, the ambiance is great (comfortable but not girly, modern but not stark), and the people there are friendly, helpful and accommodating. It makes me want to go back even if I don't need anything fixed!  

-Ian M.

Dr. Molly Hall is one of the most professional, talented, and caring providers I have ever seen. She takes extreme care in listening, diagnosing, and tailoring a recovery program specific to the individual. She uses a very holistic approach, meaning enabling patients to take ownership in their health and implement fantastic life-changing strategies. I am a very active individual, as I play soccer, cross-train, weight train, cycle, and am an active runner. As you can imagine, at 47, these activities have taken their toll. Having said, I came to Molly thinking my ailments were just part of the aging process. I'm happy to say after a short period of time, I feel 20 years younger and I am doing the activities I love. My knees no longer hurt, my hips no longer hurt, and I'm stronger than ever. She gave me stretching and strengthening exercises that only take a few minutes a day to help heal and avoid future pain. They worked!! If you're looking for a road to recovery and for someone who will keep your health interests top of mind, look no further. She is the best!  

-Chris W.

Dr. Molly is wonderful. She is kind and motivated to relieve my pain and discomfort so I can resume regular activities. Her recommended homework exercises are simple and take little time, but they have brought awareness of the underlying causes of my low back pain. Treatment has progressed rapidly and yoga and cycling are fun again. She is brilliant!

-Ken G.
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I walked in with my back out and in lots of pain and left a fully refreshed, new person! Dr. Molly is amazing!

-Lydia B.
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Best care you can get! I was scared to go but totally worth it! Dr. Molly is the best in the business because she focuses on the connection between bone and muscle. She is so kind and genuine! All the staff is great!

Liz G. 
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Dr. Molly and Dr. Jenni are beyond miracle workers. They are fun and tender people who truly care about you and want you to feel your best. After having three kids in four years my back was killing me but I suffered through the pain because I thought it would eventually go away. Thanks to these wonderful ladies my quality of life is exponentially better and I no longer wince in pain when trying to tie my shoes in the morning. Yes. It was that bad. And yes, Molly and Jenni are that amazing. As well as Stacy and the whole crew! Their new office is awesome and it's such a calm, welcoming environment. I regularly have to bring at least one of my three kids, if not all of them, and my kids actually get excited to go because they have such awesome toys for the kids to play with and they don't mind that my boys are throwing the tennis and lacrosse balls across the room during my session, no matter how many times I tell them to stop. It feels like a family and I'm happy to come home to Active Chiropractic!

-Annie M.
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The staff at Active Chiropractic are so warm and welcoming. The environment is calm and relaxing. Everyone there is so friendly and accomodating. Both Molly and Jenni are great. I always feel that I am in good hands and that they are listening and responding appropraitely to any injuries that I might have. Stephanie also adds additional treatment with massage therapy. Many of my friends are treated by Active Chiropractic. And like me, they have nothing but good things to say. I even sent my son there for treatment. I trust them and am thankful to have such a great chiropractic group for treating injuries.

-Lynn L.
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Based on Dr. Molly's suggestion, I adjusted the setting on my car seat so that my knees were at least parallel to my hips (it was the highest setting I could get based on her recommendation that my knees stay lower than my hips when I sit.)
I drove to Charlotte today, a three-hour drive that usually has me hobbling for hours afterward.
I popped out of the car with NO pain, NO stiffness, NO discomfort of ANY kind. Dr. Molly is a wizard!!!

-Jennifer C. 
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I was experiencing severe mid to upper back pain and numbness down my entire right arm and Dr. Jenni Lung of Active Chiropractic was able to not only relieve pain immediately, but over the course of just a few weeks significantly reduce the pain/stiffness, completely remove the numbness in my arm and put me on an exercise and well being schedule/program that has since left me pain-free. Dr. Jenni Lung is extremely personable, friendly and genuinely cares about her patients. I will continue to see her every 4-6 weeks at an ongoing basis and whole-heartily recommend her and Active Chiropractic. The staff is equally as friendly.

-Jonathan E.
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I have been seeing Dr. Molly for about 10 years. She's amazing and I thought I would never let another chiro touch me until I dislocated 3 ribs and had to see Dr. Jenni. She is just as awesome as Molly. The active release is so amazing. It's really cool how the muscles in your body work together and where they attach. I had issues with my hip hurting when I run and it was because I look down and strain my neck which through witchcraft caused my hip flexors to not fire right. Massage my neck and bam the hip pain disappears. I will never go to another office. These ladies are amazing and miracle workers.

-Christy B
(5-star Yelp Review)

I have been to several Chiropractors over the years for chronic lower back treatment. Dr. Molly is several stars better than anyone that I've seen. I've never been to any Doctor that offers the care that she provides. This will be the last Chiropractor you will ever visit!!

-Brandon R.
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Dr. Molly is amazing, and goes out of her way for her patients! She is amazingly talented, and caring. I've been to many other chiropractors, and they don't hold a candle to her! 
A year ago, I threw out my neck right before Christmas, and was going on a trip with my family to the mountains. I couldn't turn my neck to the right, so I called Molly up to see if she could squeeze me in. She was leaving town the next day for the holiday, but made a special trip to the office on a Sunday evening to help me out!

-Jason K.
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Those who know me might say I'm a little up tight. I like to think of it as in a perpetually charming state of stress. Either way, all this tension takes a toll on my back. Dr. Jenni has been great at taking a holistic approach to the source of pain and working on the root cause of my muscle tightness, which has lead to pinched nerves and spinal misalignment. Instead of doing a few adjustments and waiting for you to come back in again (and again, and again) as many chiropractors do, she combines chiropractic alignment with massage therapy and at-home modifications to your posture and exercise to help you feel good and stay that way. As an added bonus, Active Chiropractic's day-spa like decore and soothing energy makes it a joy to be in the office. And who doesn't like going to the spa?

-Whitney K.
(5-star Yelp Review)

I have gone to Chiropractors my whole life and I have never experienced a team of more caring, knowledgable, attentive, articulate, professionals anywhere on my journey. From the front in-take staff to Dr. Molly to Stephanie the massage therapist, every one of them went out of their way to not only do their job but also treated me like a friend, not a number. I was in incredible pain when I walked in the doors and they worked together to first make sure I was as comfortable as possible and then to try to find a solution to my problem. All the while explaining to me what they were doing and why. Such a wonderful change from the typical place where they run you through the 'mill' feeling like an object vs a person. Hats off to you and your whole staff Dr Molly, your excellent work ethic and your exceptional character are clearly shown in your practice. You will be seeing me again (and anyone else that I can send your way!) Many thanks!

-Tammy G.
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Dr. Jenni is awesome! Was skeptical when I heard that they could help with my knee issues. But day one I have been seeing small improvements. This weekend was a big improvement with my calf. Dr. Jenni listens to my issues and tailor my appointment and exercises based on what I need.

-Rosalind G.
(5-star Facebook Review)

Both Dr. Molly and Dr. Jenni are so skilled at treating your body holistically. Rather than focusing on the area of pain or discomfort, they are able to find an underlying cause, work that area and then send me home with effective exercises that only take a couple of minutes. When I first started to see Molly, I had been with a physical therapist who had me doing 45 minutes of exercises every night with no results. Molly has been able to help me with various issues from sitting at a desk, overextending myself with workouts, and issues from repetitive movements. She has also treated my children on occasion. Molly is not what you would expect in a traditional chiropractor! I have also been treated by Dr. Jenni and have been just as pleased.

-Pam M.
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Dr. Molly is beyond amazing! She really takes the time to determine the root cause of your issue. She performs muscle testing to check for imbalances and even calls other professionals (doctors, physical therapists, etc) to help treat her patients. She really goes above and beyond. I never once felt rushed, she listened to every complaint. The office staff is very friendly and polite. I can't say enough wonderful things about everyone there!

-Stacy H.
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I can't even begin to say how fantastic Dr. Molly and Dr. Jenni are.  The entire atmosphere of the practice is soothing.  When you go into the treatment room they focus on what you really need help with.  I also appreciate how they help you think about daily habits and how they affect your health.  Something as simple as moving my computer screen on my desk has made a huge impact.

-Angela D.
(5-star Yelp Review)

Okay, I had long been a doubter of chiropractic treatment and was a tick reluctant about seeing any chiropractors. Still, i have had 20+ years of back problems that I simply slogged through.
A trusted friend referred me to Drs. Molly and Jenni. They are absolutely great!
I simply can't express how happy I am I went to see them. They have helped my back issues more than even I thought possible.
They are super-friendly and easy to work with, always listening to the patient's needs and respecting individual desires (some people don't like the "crack" sound in their back, and so forth).
These are NOT "crack-'em and stack-'em" chiropractors who do nothing but act as an extension of the personal injury plaintiffs' bar. They are SERIOUS providers who really work to help their patients through a multi-disciplinary approach to musculoskeletal health.
Seriously, if you are having problems with any musculoskeltal issues, go see these wonderful physicians. They truly want to---and more importantly have the ability to---help their patients.
Plus, they are very affordable.
Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

-Matt F.
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Dr. Molly is the best chiropractor anywhere.  I have seen her for several years now.  She zeroes in on the problem, provides effective home exercises to sustain health improvements and has a staff who mirrors her deep concern for patients.  
Massage therapist Valerie Craig is top notch.  I cannot recommend this practice enough.  These folks genuinely care about your health!

-Dave C.
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I started coming here when after months of high impact high intensity workouts developed lower back pain.  Dr Jenni has been awesome at helping me be able to find relief from the pain and continue working out! She is gentle and yet gets the job done.  Most of my pain has been from tight muscles which I never realized a chiropractor could help me with.  I feel so fortunate to have found this place and would highly recommend Dr Jenni to anyone.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming and I always look forward to my visits.

-Lynn S.
(5-star Yelp Review)

My back is finally pain free after a whole year! Molly rocks! She has an awesome environment with wonderful staff too. Don't spend anymore time in pain. Molly can even do the activator method if you don't like traditional adjustments. She's like magic!

-Laura G.
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If you're looking for the best, look no further. 
Dr. Molly Hall is one of the most professional, talented, and caring providers I have ever seen. She takes extreme care in listening, diagnosing, and tailoring a recovery program specific to the individual. She uses a very holistic approach, meaning enabling patients to take ownership in their health and implement fantastic life-changing strategies.
I am a very active individual, as I play soccer, cross-train, weight train, cycle, and am an active runner. As you can imagine, at 47, these activities have taken their toll. Having said, I came to Molly thinking my ailments were just part of the aging process. I'm happy to say after a short period of time, I feel 20 years younger and I am doing the activities I love. My knees no longer hurt, my hips no longer hurt, and I'm stronger than ever. 
She gave me stretching and strengthening exercises that only take a few minutes a day to help heal and avoid future pain.  They worked!!  If you're looking for a road to recovery and for someone who will keep your health interests top of mind, look no further. She is the best!

-Chris W.
(5-star Yelp Review)

I came in the office in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep, sit, stand, or think properly. Now I can’t believe how much better I feel with every treatment and after the homework you (Dr. Meghan) assigned me.  I was in so much pain that I felt broken and defeated.  That is until you worked your magic.   And Yesterday I came in the office with a headache and left without it.  These morning headaches usually turn into a migraine, not this time.  “You are a Rockstar.”  

I wanted to sincerely “Thank you” for your time and talent

-Neet J.

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Molly - she balances her kind, compassionate approach with a medical professional's expertise for deciding on a tailored treatment plan for you. As a patient with a history of spinal fractures, I bring my share of challenges, and assure you she can accommodate any special issues. She's always on time (not like your average doctor's office!) and figures out how to work you in if you're in a pinch. Highly, highly recommend her!

-Julie M.

If you need a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncture or a facial, this is the place! I am a dancer, a teacher and a mom. I know I can rely on the amazing staff at Active Chiropractic to help me be my best. Dr. Molly is an incredibly knowledgeable chiropractor that demonstrates amazing empathy and kindness. She often uses deep tissue massage to help treat pain and I always leave with exercises that I can continue to do on my own. She takes her time and I never feel rushed.
The massage therapists on staff are top notch. Recently, I had a facial from Anne and I swear I was glowing for days after. Most importantly, the entire team at Active Chiropractic uses a holistic approach and understands the importance of getting to know you on all levels so they can provide you with the best care. I highly recommend all of their services.

-Lauren Y.