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Lindsay graduated from Cortiva Institute-Chicago in the fall of 2008 in massage therapy. After a decade in the Windy City, she decided to move south to be closer to her family. 
Since moving to Raleigh in 2009, Lindsay has dedicated her massage practice to customizing and creating specific treatments to benefit each individuals needs. Not every person has the same needs, so not every massage should be the same! 
Lindsay’s philosophy for massage comes from years of observing how life, both wonderful and stressful, has an effect on the body. Between computers, cell phones, work, home life, and societal pressures; our brains are constantly thinking about what needs to be done next and our bodies are just trying to keep up. What Lindsay does with each massage is to connect the brain to the body to become more aware of what is needed for overall wellness. 
Lindsay’s modalities include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Swedish, myofascial, sports, aroma therapy, reiki, and this past year Lindsay has added craniosacral therapy (CST.) 

“But the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite; let your body take care of you.”
-Deepak Chopra