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Growing up, Dr. Adam Seay always wanted to work in the medical field. He always wanted to help those who were suffering. He envisioned himself as a doctor who could aid the recovery process of someone who was in pain or ill.

While Dr. Adam was attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his interests were redirected toward a wellness model.  He became interested in exercise, diet, and nutritional support as a way to help improve his own health.  He began to think that this would be an awesome tool to help people. However, medicine was not really focused on this aspect. He remembers watching a workout program on ESPN that had a Chiropractor leading the workout routines.  This provoked his interest in a profession that utilized an aspect in which he was passionate.

As soon as Dr. Adam started his Chiropractic education at Parker University in Dallas, Texas, He knew this was the profession for him! What he did not anticipate was how much more this profession could do! Like most of the population, he thought Chiropractic was a structural profession that helped people with musculoskeletal problems. He was overjoyed to learn that the Chiropractic profession helps people with nutrition, laboratory testing, detoxification, emotions, and neurological issues.

Dr. Adam has been in private practice since 2005.  He and his wife, Sarah, have 3 beautiful girls.  When not in the office he enjoys working out, watching the Tarheels play, and hanging out with his family.